I'm the founder of Networker Pros.

"Tina is changing the game of online entrepreneurship."


The first step is product-market-fit. Who is your primary customer and what problem does your offer solve?


Next, develop a distribution channel to get the product or service into the customers' hands.


Build your people... and your people will build the business. All partners optimize towards the same objective.

Tech Entrepreneur

As a network marketer, Tina realized the tools for building a business just didn't cut it. So in January 2017 she started Networker Pros, an automation platform designed specifically for direct sales businesses. Since then, it's grown from a small side project to powering the audiences of over 30,000 business builders.

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About Tina J. Kang

With little more than belief and a drive to find her way, Tina J. Kang went from starting a direct-sales business in her college dorm room to building her first million dollar organization by her 27th birthday.

Now the entrepreneur, author, and co-founder of Networker Pros runs a software company to help businesses attract high-quality leads online. Learn Tina's "magnetic marketing" approach and her automation tactics for enrolling customers, team-building, and leadership development.

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Ever wonder where team leaders go to network with other leaders? The Leadership Mastermind is an annual mentorship program limited to 20 members per year. Current members include Regional Vice Presidents, Blue Diamonds, Crown Ambassadors, and Associate Executive Directors.

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