I’m guessing most people at the dog park think I’m unemployed because I’m always around during ‘normal’ working hours – chucking the ball for my pup.

I’m always available for a coffee date…

… or lunch

… or volunteering opportunities

again usually during 9-5 hours.

Doesn’t help that I’m a super laid-back person and spend most of my time in sweats and a hoodie.

… despite the fact that I run a fairly successful business from home.

One of my biggest pet peeves in the industry…

… is that the leadership tries to force everyone in their downline into a specific strategy for building a business, under the pre-tense of “duplication.”

Well, this may come as a surprise…

But it turns out that all of us have different personalities and different strengths.

I spent six years trying to force myself into the molds taught by my upline.

And as a result, I failed over and over and over again.

I thought I was broken; that the problem was me.

And then I realized that I was just a different person.

The people who fit into that mold taught by old-school networkers were social extroverts who loved talking to people in person, at meetings, over coffee at Starbucks, etc.

Meanwhile, I was an introvert who preferred to hide behind the keyboard.

The moment that I allowed myself the freedom to build this business in a way that catered to my strengths, instead of trying to change myself to fit theirs, I had massive success.

Don’t get me wrong.

I know sooo many top producers in the industry that got there solely using old-school networking tactics.

Clearly it’s effective.

But that strategy does not fit my personality or my interests. If that’s how I had to build this business, I would have left the industry a long time ago.

You see…

I got started in entrepreneurship during my senior year in college…

One of the great things about this industry, is that you can usually start a business for a couple hundred bucks.

And as a broke college student, that was appealing to me.

Social media was just a couple of years old…

And so online entrepreneurship was the perfect opportunity for someone at my age and with my budget.

Too bad, I absolutely sucked at it.

I failed miserably for six years.

I probably joined half a dozen different business opportunities.

I had great mentors, but I just struggled.

I was extremely shy, had very little self-confidence, and was deathly afraid of picking up the phone.

I was very, very much an introvert back then.

I just really didn’t enjoy talking to people in person or over the phone because it was an intimidating experience.

Plus, when you’re a broke 20 year old trying to pitch a business opportunity to someone who’s older and has a career…

You don’t really feel like you’re in a situation of integrity.

And so that just added to the insecurity.

But I didn’t want to give up…

And six years went on without much success.

I did it all.

I hung fliers on my college campus…

Posted on social media all day…

Started a blog…

Sent emails to any email address I could find on the internet.

(Turns out, this is called spamming… whoops!!)

I lived in an empty apartment, furnished with nothing more than a mattress and my desk, for years after college.

Again, moving from opportunity to opportunity thinking that somehow that was going to make a difference.

It never did.

And with every single business, there were people walking across the stage making a ton of money.

And after you’ve seen that enough times, you start to realize…

“Well, the only piece of this puzzle here that’s the same is me. I’m the only problem in every single one of these opportunities.”

And that’s when I got some great advice from a mentor who told me…

“Look, you’re trying to make all of this money from a business, but you haven’t mastered any particular skill yet.”

And when I sat down and I looked at the people walking across stage, the one thing that all of them had in common is that they had mastered a skillset.

It was either generating leads, closing people on a Zoom call, speaking from stage, etc.

Whatever it may be, they had become world-class at at least one particular prospecting technique.

And I had not.

So no wonder I wasn’t getting any results.

And so that’s when I decided to bite my lip and learn to acquire real, high-income skills.

The first step was learning how to get leads…

Up until this point, I had only utilized tedious manual strategies disguised as “free traffic.”

And I at this point, I realized that there really is no such thing as “free.”

You’ll always have to pay with either money or time. And you can always get more money back, but you can never get more time back.

Next… I realized that I’m not really having a good time or liking what I’m having to do to build this business.

So the question I asked myself was…

“Well, how would I like to build this business? What would be fun to me? What would make it enjoyable?”

At that point, the answer was…

“Well, it would be really amazing if people reached out to me… if they called me or emailed me and had all of the info, knew the pricing, knew everything that was involved, and they were basically just ready to get started.”

And I thought…

“If I could get 5 to 10 people a day to call me in that position, that sounds like a lot of fun.”

And so I started to ask myself…

“Well, how could I make that happen?”

And that’s when I discovered advertising.

And overtime, through painful trial and error… I slowly began to get results.

And with results, came more and more confidence.

At this point, I knew how to run ads really, really well.

My huge breakthrough came in 2017 when my ads were noticed by a top earner from a different company.

He asked me how I was doing what I was doing and I offered to run his ads for him.

Working for him and seeing how he ran his business from behind-the-scenes was a masterclass. I learned the real ins and outs of what actually worked. And it really put all the pieces together for me.

I always felt like there was something missing. Something that I wasn’t being told.

From there, he introduced me to other top producers that needed my help with running their ads.

That’s when I saw the inner workings of what the top earners were actually doing from across all industries…

… from health and wellness, to financial, to legal, to nutrition, to beauty, to insurance, to forex, to crypto… EVERYTHING.

Which brings us to present day…

After six years of failure, I stumbled upon the insider wisdom that allowed me to finally figure out the prospecting piece.

I started to figure out posture and confidence.

I started to figure out how to close people over the phone.

And I started to build a team.

Within 4 months, I went from broke to making my first $250,000.

Within 18 months, I made my first million dollars.

I went on to build the largest residual income check in my opportunity…

I grew Networker Pros which became the #1 digital marketing agency in the direct-sales space.

And I’ve built a list of more than 30,000 email subscribers.

How this all effects you.

The best part of my job is that I get to see the ins and outs of the industry. I get to see what works and what doesn’t extremely quickly because well…

All the top earners are either my clients or a part of my Inner Circle.

Which means that I get to share with you what’s actually working today.

Not what leaders are telling their teams to do…

But the real strategies that the leaders are using themselves to build huge organizations of thousands of people.

(And I’ll let you in on a secret… it’s NOT friends and family.)

In many ways, we are all part of a very special group, united by the battle scars we earn during this amazing process of growth.

So whether you’ve been on my list for years, or you just joined today…

Welcome aboard. We’re in this together.

Tina Kang
Tina Kang

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